How to Write Thesis Presentation
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Pitfalls and landmines you need to avoid while writing Thesis

While Thesis Writing is indeed an exciting, enjoyable and truly exhilarating, matchless experience, it is also flooded with pitfalls and hazards for the uninitiated, or the lackadaisical authors among fraternity members. Indeed, final costs of lack of proper care and diligence in handling thesis works may indeed be very high and even prohibitive, in some cases, as the exploits of many masquerading thesists have proved and evidenced. However, that being said, it is quite possible that with some advice and guidance, it is possible to steer clear of some of the major pitfalls and dangers of thesis writing.

Tip Number 1: Try to adopt unique, original approach and stick to it through the thesis deliberations. It serves no purpose to provide readers information about aspects which they already know, and so efforts need to be strengthened to offer unique, uncharted course to gain and sustain readership interest and motivation

Tip Number 2: Plagiarism or intentional / inadvertent use of words, ideas or thoughts of others without due acknowledgements are major offence which could even lead to Zero Grades and debarring from future academic studies in the institution. Thus, it is in their own interests that thesis care to take necessary and needed care either, to edit and remove suspected cases of plagiarism or do the work afresh without references.

Tip Number 3: All arguments center around and encompass scope provided by Thesis Statement. It is of primary importance not to stray away from Thesis Statement, and stay within limits prescribed by this statement. Essentially, the mode of arguments would be to test the Thesis Statement for consistency, academic rigor, sustainability and argument value. Therefore the formulation and sentencing of Thesis Statement needs to be open minded and provocative enough for sustained arguments. Many thesis writers scaffold a brilliant statement but are not able to carry its arguments forward with any degrees of marked conviction or authoritative writings. The entire thesis falls flat and never pulls together.

Tip Number 4: Choice and usage of simple, straightforward words and language is most preferred. High flowing language and complex words/sentences robs thesis paper of its essential uniqueness and user-friendliness. Moreover, markers and evaluators are quick to zoom on into passages, which are either obviously plagiarized, or plagued with errors and wordiness. In any case, the ultimate sufferers are thesis writers, who stand to lose much more than mere grades

Tip Number 5: Not using correct mechanics of preferred referencing is yet another major area where thesis presentations fail to earn full grades. Writers need to make themselves fully conversant and adroit in all kinds of referencing styles, both in text and in Bibliography/ Reference List sections. Lack of proper referencing is tantamount to plagiarism which leaves issue open for disciplinary actions, including rustication and debarment from academic studies. So it is indeed best for writers to address and remedy the referencing issues as best as they could. While minor errors like minor punctuations or light spelling niggles may be forgiven, the fact that no worthwhile Referencing system worth its name has been followed by the thesis paper, could be disastrous for academic students.

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