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Is Thesis writing craft, or science and why?

It is both a science and craft, and for good reasons too. As this article would describe in further detail, thesis writing involves adherence to, and observation of, certain rules and regulatory regimes of writing, a scientific and principled presentation of data, facts and observations and the unearthing of thesis findings from observed data and confirmed facts, as is the common way most scientific papers and presentations are based on. Besides, thesis needs to offer scientifically based validity, or negation of all important Thesis Statement, or hypothesis, and pro offer robust, evidence based and scientific reasons why this has been validated, or negated Coming to why thesis writing is also a craft may be argued from the truth that, like any other art, it can be improved and enhanced with practice and devoted skill development. Writing thesis is a skill, and like any other skill, can be refined through expression, experience, expertise, inducements and enforcement. Besides, like art, it is prone to betterment through regular practice and craft refinements to keep artistic expression alive and sound for generations to come.

Why Thesis writing is a Science:

1. A Thesis work is not only a set of evidence based arguments that confirm or rebut a statement. Much beyond this, it sets a pattern of scientifically-based, credible and authentic base for why one should agree with the Thesis Statement, and yet another set of facts and figures why it should not, and finally, through scientific and research based analyses, and counter arguments, declares the winner of the thesis in no uncertain or ambiguous terms

2. Thesis follows certain rules of science in terms of logical thinking, analysis and pre disposition. The arguments need to follow rules of rationale thinking and well known, documented facts, and not fantasies of an author's fertile and fecund mind. The results, outcomes and final findings need to flow from arguments and not independent of it. This is also true of final conclusion that needs to be based on concise, clear cut and coherent premise.

3. Scientifically speaking, thesis papers could be divided between analytical, argumentative, expositional, descriptive or narrative. Each has different approaches and treatment modes. For solid scientific analysis, analytical method poses a problem or issue and seeks thesis author's intervention to sort it out. An argumentative essay needs to take stand and defend it. In expositional thesis papers, the thesis author exposes the major elements. In a descriptive or narrative paper, the author describes aspects and moves on.

Why Thesis writing is a craft:

1. Like all crafts, thesis writing could be improved and bettered through experience, training, harder labor and rigorous, painstaking studies. Craftsmen improve over time and the inexorable will to improve their wares and this holds water for thesis writing also

2. Practice makes the craft of thesis writing perfect and a delight for the writer and the reader too. It is imperative for thesis writers to give their audience what they want, the way they want it and within the limits and scope imposed by their audience.


This author believes that Thesis Writing could also be termed as Artful Science or even Scientific Art, or Craft, depending upon the perspectives, or stands taken by the author or even audience.

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