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It is practically impossible to have a successful dissertation writing site like ours without the contribution of our writers. We take great efforts to ensure that the writers that are on our payroll are chosen well. Each and every one of the writers that work for us are well qualified in their chosen subjects. Unlike many other sites we do not appoint high school drop outs or undergraduates to write papers for us. Since we are a website that specializes in writing dissertations we have to appoint well qualified writers. A majority of the writers that work for us have completed their PhDs in their chosen field of academic discipline and have been working as academic writers for a very long time. They have also been writing dissertations that have been well accepted by their clients. The writers that we employ hail from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The advantage of having writers from these countries is that their first language is English and that is reflected in the quality of the language that is seen in the dissertations that they write.

USA Accredited Writers
We employ writers who are citizens of the United States. These writers are educated in some of the best colleges in the country and a majority of them have completed their PhDs in their subjects. There are some writers who have also served as faculty members in prestigious educational establishments. The advantage of having such writers is that they are aware of the expectations that every dissertation commands and will be able to satisfy those requirements using the best of their ability.

Canada Accredited Writers
Writers from Canada are well qualified and have a very good knowledge of their subjects. A majority of them have completed their education from world class educational institutions in the United States. Some of them have also served as part time lecturers in the very same institution where they pursued their education. The dissertation papers that they write will have the appropriate language style that befits a paper of the stature of a dissertation.

UK Accredited Writers:
The United Kingdom is well known for the world class educational establishments. The writers that we employ are educated in the renowned educational institutions of UK. Their command over the language is exceptional and the papers that they write will reflect their mastery over the subject as well. We take extreme efforts to ensure that the UK writers that we employ are natives of the United Kingdom.

Australia Accredited Writers:
Australia is yet another favorite destination for seekers of knowledge owing to the reputed educational establishments that are located there. The Australian writers that we employ are highly educated and have a vast experience in the field of academic writing and dissertation writing in particular. A majority of them have doctorates in their chosen field of academic discipline. The quality of papers that are written by our Australian writers is at par with the best in the world.

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