Privacy Policy

We at Laustan know how much you value your privacy. It is very important to safeguard ones private information at all times. Any information that is sensitive in nature that you share with us is securely stored in our servers. Users of our website that visit our site for information about our services need to know that we use cookies. These are only used to enable an easier browsing experience every time you visit us.

There are some functions on our website that use these cookies to perform at an optimal level. You can disable these cookies from your browser settings. But the website may not perform with the same efficiency as before. We use cookies only to understand how and for what purpose our website is used. This helps us improve the website and it is not our intention to use any of your personal information. We do have third party websites that we have connections with and that is only for the ease of our operation. None of our third party websites will be privy to the information that is supplied by you. Any communication that you receive from any of our third party affiliates will only be through our website. It is not influenced by your preference or by your usage of the site.

You may use the options that are available to you to block those messages from your account. The information that we store about you are stored in our servers. We have a state of the art firewall system that protects our servers. Any payment details are not stored by our website. Any transaction details will be stored by the bank and will not be available on our website. All payment details will be handled using encryption technology. We do not store credit card and bank details on our website. Every financial transaction that you enter into will be safe and secure. A user who wishes to just browse through the website may do so without having to become a member of the site. There are certain pages that will be made available to them. Please do note that the website uses cookies that these casual users can disable using their browser settings. You have to be 18 years or older to use the services rendered by Laustan. None of our employees will be privy to the personal information that is supplied by you. Any information that is provided will strictly be on a need to know basis. This privacy policy is a part of the terms and conditions of Laustan.

This privacy policy is subject to change and the changes that are made, if any, will be posted on this very same space. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically check the privacy policy and use the website accordingly. As mentioned earlier we provide links to third party service providers. If you choose to enter into any financial transaction with them or share any personal information with them, we urge you to read their privacy policy. What has been mentioned here is the policy of Laustan. We do not assume any responsibility for the action of our third party affiliates.

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