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You Have Come to the Right Place!

If you are reading this, there are chances that you need to write an assignment, and like many other students, you are struggling with this daunting task. Well, it is great that you came to us! Laustan is America's leading custom thesis writers for the last two decades, and there is nothing that our team of expert scholars can't write for you. In the age of the internet, it is apparently effortless to find material that can help you with your topics of research, and collect information about your area of study. Innumerable academicians have flooded the internet with blogs, videos, and even social media, and anyone with the right focus can collect pointers for an excellent thesis from our thesis writing service. Arranging all that data in a sophisticated manner, writing about it, expressing your thought process that reflects your genius, can be a difficulty sometimes. If English is not your first language, or if you have been a science or math enthusiast with a lot of talent in your subjects of choice but not much experience in elaborate writing, or if you are just not feeling confident enough about something as important as a graduate thesis entirely on your own, let us assure you, you are not alone. Laustan has been assisting students since 1998, and have brought excellent grades, and smiles to thousands of customers. Our clients enjoy our highest regard for their confidentiality and excellent customer thesis writing service. And we take complete responsibility for the quality of the written material they have paid for. We firmly believe that the client should be allowed to ask for any number of revisions until they are satisfied with our final document, delivered to them on time. So you do not need to look any further. Laustan is all you need.

Our Team of Scholars

Laustan takes pride in the intellectual edge we have over any other thesis writing service provider. And this intellectual edge comes from the team made entirely of Ph. D. scholars hired full time. So you can be confident they are aware of what is needed for a thesis at every level. And whether you are yet to finish graduation, or if you are a college graduate, or if you are preparing for masters or even a doctorate, you know you can expect the best. The team has experts, with a significant amount of experience spread over every academic discipline, so whether it is physics, or psychology, history or linguistics, Laustan has you covered! Most of our writers are native English speakers or come from English speaking countries, and some even have been honored faculty members of renowned institutions. These Ladies and gentlemen of distinction can undoubtedly be expected to know precisely what a successful dissertation requires. And thesis writing service can guarantee you top grades as they have professional thesis writers who can write for you top quality thesis papers. This team ensures that every dissertation written at Laustan is of the utmost quality. With their academic experience being in English, we can ensure there are no errors, in general lexicon, terminology, or academic jargon anywhere throughout the theses. And since they are employed in-house and on a full-time basis, they are available whenever you may need their guidance or help. So not only do you get the best thesis writing service and excellent quality but you can be sure of the timeliness and discipline with which all of this is delivered. Laustan is so confident of our writers and the quality of their work that we guarantee a complete refund against every valid complaint we receive! Yet in the last two decades, we have only collected appreciation and positive feedback from thousands of happy students from across the globe.

Such consistent encouragement from our customers can come only due to consistently providing refined work, and we are determined to continue this tradition of excellence for all time to come.

How we work

Simply put, Laustan works with you, instead of working for you! Unlike many other writing services, we do not believe in standard templates which aregiven to every customer with minimum customization. We let you take the lead in the intellectual process and do all the hard work in the background. Even if we did all the writing, you could rest assured you are entirely the one, to get all the credit for an excellent dissertation writing service. Yes! You read that right. Our process ensures that the student feels engaged and stays in the lead while working with an expert who can collate all the data points, research threads, and put everything together in a neat, complete package, that is bound to leave a lasting impression on every assessor who reads it. So all you need to do is submit your draft requirements to us, and we will assign it to someone from our team of expert academicians and writers. Within 24 hours a draft is ready for your inputs, and further discussion of requirements. And once confirmed you can sit back and wait for the full paper to be delivered to you on time! It is really just as simple as that. And given that your inputs and requirements are considered with utmost care at every step of the process, you can rest assured the final paper will reflect your unique style, and you will be as knowledgeable about it as the Ph. D. who wrote it along with you.

The Laustan Edge

What makes us the best you ask? Well, it is simply the professionalism and customer centricity. And oh! The indomitable commitment towards the quality and timeliness as well. Laustan has been actively providing thesis writing service to students including customized dissertation writing for almost twenty years, and has been known for the delivery standards we have been able to consistently maintain for all this time. Our in-house team of academicians is always available for the quick assistance, and guidance. Our discipline is the key to manage such an extensive network of clients and service providers. You can be sure of the quality we supply, and every word written by us is subjected to several quality checks. Not only this, Laustan confidently offers a full money back guarantee against delays or lack of quality.

A few highlights of our excellence include:

  • About two decades of experience in the field of customized dissertation writing
  • An in-house team of experts hired on full-time basis and available without preferences or delay
  • Each article, thesis, essay or any kind of writing that comes from Laustan is free of plagiarism, is absolutely original and unique
  • Native English writers, with the widest range of experience across all academic disciplines
  • Excellent management of tasks, and organizational structure to ensure timely delivery of finished assignments EVERY TIME!
  • Assured refunds to ensure the highest quality and on schedule delivery
  • And, around the clock customer service system
  • So be confident, if you are with Thesis writing service, you are with the best!

All you need to know about Theses or Dissertations

Written assignments are the lifeblood of academia. A ‘Thesis' (pluralized as Theses) or dissertation is a document which is thoroughly researched and is written in a thoughtfully laid out composition, about a subject written for an academic pursuit. In other words, a written work submitted to support a student's candidature for some academic degree or professional qualification is called a thesis. A thesis is supposed to present the candidate's research and findings in his chosen field of study, and our thesis writing service is absolutely conscious of the value it adds to your academic qualifications.

A thesis is a subject that a student chose himself or herself and therefore needs to reflect their level of understanding and intellect. The starting definition of the word appeared for the first time in the English language in the 16th century. A dissertation is defined as "an extended written treatment of a subject". Compared to the essay that is much shorter – traditionally between 1500 to 2500 words – a dissertation needs much more work and of obviously superior quality.

In some contexts, documents written for a bachelor's or master's course are called ‘thesis', while "dissertation" is a document written for a doctorate. But in a few academic circles ‘dissertation' is a generic identifier with ‘thesis' being specifically for doctorates. In the USA for example, ‘graduate thesis' is used to mean master's theses and doctoral dissertations both.

Different countries and institutions can demand different levels of complexity and quality of research from the students. And within the institutions, depending upon the program the student has been offered, a thesis or dissertation can significantly vary along with the minimum study period required. And with Laustan's team of experts, you can be sure to get these variations taken into account if required.

The word "dissertation" is sometimes also used independent of the relationship to academic degrees and appeared in the English language from the Latin word for debating – ‘dissertate'. And what does the word ‘debate' imply in this case? It simply means that a thesis is a discussion that involves aspects of an idea from different points of view. A dissertation thus not only examines a subject but reviews it from different points of view without any clear prejudice.

Another important characteristic of a dissertation is also that it needs to be original, needs to be substantial and is typically based on genuine and original research. Simply put a well-written thesis proves that the candidate has a certain mastery of his or her subject and is capable of writing scholarly. A dissertation declares to the reader that the writer is an expert in his or her field of study, and has a sympathy and enthusiasm towards what is being presented. There are of course references in it from the works of previous scholars but what it truly treasures in its pages is the writer's original viewpoint and original research. A candidate, however, needs to have a more than just the mastery of the subject for his dissertation to be all that an assessor expects. A candidate should be able to present his material well, or the thesis is no thesis at all. The structure and composition of a thesis need to reflect the genuine thought process of the scholar, in a well laid out pattern, with a logical flow of information, and most importantly his opinion and observation should be clear to the reader. And this is the reason why so many students feel intimidated by this exercise. A student may be a star in his or her field of study, yet writing about it needs a clear mastery over the art of writing itself. You will be able to submit your thesis on time since dissertation writing service can complete you paper within the deadline set by you.

As a student, you are expected to do more than just reading and research and be able to clearly present what you think through sophisticated writing. It means that your document should display accuracy and clarity both! And that is where Laustan comes in. The assistance from academic thesis writing service helps the students to alleviate their tensions and worries regarding writing their thesis paper assignment.

The Academia's fixation with Theses

Institutions with the authority to award an academic degree can sometimes also define their own ‘house style'. And candidates are expected to follow this pattern or style and prepare the thesis document accordingly. Additionally, to these, there are a number of field-specific standards varying from country to country. And of course, international standards or recommendations can also be specified before a thesis is admitted for assessment. For example, in some institutions, it may be specified that the front matter or the title page or table of content, etc. use a separate page number sequence from the body of the document. Quite recently, since more and more documents are transmitted and submitted digitally in today's age of the internet, international standards along with a few newer style guides recommend that this design practice may be confusing, given that electronic document viewers tend to number all the pages of a document in continuation from the first page, independently of the numbers printed on the page itself. And this preference, therefore, in some cases needs to be avoided and a single sequence of numbers is required to be printed on pages instead. There are several presentation requirements that are a part of the tradition of thesis writing, including pagination and layout, and typography as well in our dissertation writing service. The font and color of paper and the quality of paper on which the thesis is printed may also be specified, if a copy of the dissertation is to be kept as a permanent addition to the library collection of an institution). Order of components, notations, and citation can be required to be in a specific style, and can sometimes even be checked page by page before the accepting officer accepts the document and issues the receipt of acceptance.

But these standards can be quite flexible sometimes as well, in quite a few universities in Europe, for example, specify only a few general requirements such as the size of characters and the format of the pages. This leaves much freedom for the writer for actual details of the typography.

Other than the details of the actual document the process of writing a thesis is quite elaborate as well. There is also a Thesis Committee or a Dissertation Committee that is responsible for supervising a student's work in writing and research. The committee generally has more than one members and these committees usually consist of a primary supervisor known also as the primary advisor and two or more committee members, who ensure the timely progress of the dissertation. These members can also sometimes act as the examining committee, in some cases as the jury, while at the oral examination of the student's thesis.

Most universities, allow the committee to be chosen by the students themselves. In conjunction with their primary advisor, a student can choose the remaining members to supervise his or her work. A student may, however, be required to qualify after the completion of the comprehensive examinations or as are popularly known the prospectus meeting. This meeting consists of members of the comps committee and has members who are doctors in their field. These doctors are given the task of reading the dissertation, and making suggestions for changes and improvements, and can even sit in on the defense. Sometimes a committee member must be a professor in a department that is different from that of the student, to ensure objectivity and equality of treatment.

The demons of Plagiarism

The idea behind the independent research is to encourage a student to know more about the subject that is already available so far. Simple isn't it? Well yes and no. While researching so extensively on a given subject, scholars come across a lot of great material, and it always feels great to put it in your writing to substantiate your own ideas. Yet if not done properly this can destroy your credibility as a student. Institutions employ strict policies for instances of plagiarism. Dissertation or Thesis committees and acceptance officers can be quite difficult to appease if they find such instance in the writing. And sometimes even the greatest thesis that took months of hard work and research can be disqualified due to supposed or actual plagiarism. Sometimes, unknowingly even, a student may end up creating an illusion of copying someone else's material this can prove disastrous. At Laustan we check the papers through specialized software and internet resources several times. When the students depend on thesis writing service, they can make sure of obtaining a well written thesis paper that indeed satisfies all the specifications asked by your teachers. Any idea can always be a part of your own thesis, and it must not be ignored because you are unable to show that you only mean to borrow from it, and examine it in your own thought process, rather just adding material to your own thesis. Any established idea needs to be examined from several angles and must be treated with due respect to the original author with due credit given. And we at Laustan have an absolute non-tolerance policy against plagiarism. All the theses go through rigorous editing and re-editing before being finalized to ensure that the dissertations that we submit do not have any instance of plagiarism.

The Laustan Service Experience

Our round the clock customer care system ensures that our customers do not have to wait in a queue for the information, and assistance they need. And other than this the writer of the thesis and the customer can maintain an unobstructed communication. Information between different parties involved in the writing process flow freely and transparently. We encourage our clients to be completely sure and satisfied with the material they have paid for and firmly believe that the client should be allowed to ask for any number of revisions. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority and we are happy to go through multiple revisions without any additional costs until our valued client is satisfied with the paper. Laustan is an exclusive site for dissertation writing service and we treat our customers in that same spirit of exclusivity. Once the order has been placed for a paper to be written at Laustan you can rest assured that our team is working on it with priority. We are not only committed to the quality we provide but your privacy is also held in the highest consideration. Thesis writing service writers and the entire staff shares in this commitment and you can be free of any concerns related to your privacy or use of the information that we receive from you. Most of our writing staff has been students and know how important it can be for you to stay on top your assignments and the value of time. We make sure your assignments are delivered to you in the best of quality, on schedule and confidentially.

Our Assurance

Once again, let us ensure you of our commitment to the satisfaction of all our clients, and ensure you of the highest consideration with which we treat your assignments. The importance of these writings on your career is well known to us, and it is a matter of great pride, to be able to say that in the long history of our thesis writing service, all of our thousands of customers have felt this enthusiasm in all the transactions they have made with us. Laustan's takes quality and timeliness extremely seriously and these standards are never compromised upon, and we can also ensure you of the utmost care with which we treat your confidentiality and complete privacy of information. You can talk to us, with absolute frankness, about the deliverables of your task, and feel free to ask for as much change, editing and polishing as you may need to feel confident about your submission to your institution. We will make sure you have a paper that leaves a lasting impression, and adds great value not only to your academic career but your customer service experience as well!

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