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What should students keep in mind while writing Thesis Papers?

Writing Thesis Papers can indeed be nightmarish for the uninitiated, and for those who are overawed by the sheer weight of necessary research efforts and their transformation into words, sentences and arguments. However, it is also very much practical and possible that by using pro active approach, and enforcing necessary rules of the game, it is not only possible to write good thesis, but also excellent ones that meet and surpass all criteria, academic demands and scholarly requirements besides being a source of constant delight and entertainment for readers.

The following tips do help in writing good Thesis Papers:

1. Pay careful and meticulous attention to your Introduction, since it forms the very backbone of paper. The first element is to catch the attention of readers and hold them, since if the Introduction is not interesting and appealing, there is high likelihood that it would be the only part which many readers would read, not venturing into deeper waters. The Introduction should offer core issues like aims and objectives, problem that need to be grappled with, exposition of one- lined Thesis Statement, and most importantly, how the thesis wishes to go about task of producing solid Thesis.

2. Arguments and counter arguments would need to be precise, concisely, coherently and carefully put forth and argued, taking great not to step aboard, or indulge in inconsequential and non productive gibber. Arguments need to be precise, to- the- point and have great bearing to the deliberations.

3. Thesis papers are, for the most part, original thinking and ideas put forth by their authors, and this truth must be applied consistently over length of paper. While use of sources and references are not disallowed, they need to smoothly and effortlessly flow with arguments and not be inconsistent with arguments. In other words, resources serve secondary purpose of authenticating, reaffirming and attesting author's original arguments and treatise.

4. The body of the paper needs to follow grammar mechanism, robust sentence and paragraph constructions. As is generally preached for all kinds of quality papers, one paragraph needs to consider just one key element and the paragraphs should not be more than 100-150 words. More than the length it is the quality, content, structure and presentation, etc., that is most important in thesis presentations.

5. While most parts of the thesis needs to be original words and ideas of author , it is needles yet important to mention that borrowed thoughts, words and ideas need to fully and appropriately referenced both in text, and in Bibliography Sections.

6. Finally, it must be remembered that Chapters on Conclusions and Recommendations are as important as rest of the paper, and needs to gain the importance and magnitude it richly deserves. A solid thesis paper with a weak conclusion that fails to provide convincing and compelling verdict is like a book with its climax missing, w3hich serves only as an anticlimax.

By following these tips and many more from other readings, it is not only feasible but also possible to scaffold and produce excellent thesis that could surpass major academic thresholds.

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