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Essentially, any Research Proposal is just another proposal for research studies, or in other words, considering the research worthiness, feasibility and appropriateness of any topic, which seems amenable for further research studies, thesis or dissertations. The Proposal seeks its research viability but, in no way, reaffirms, or endorses Research compatibility. Taking this argument further, proposal is intended to offer convincing theories on the worthwhilness, or otherwise of projects. Taking illustration provided in the introductory segment, theoretically speaking, there may be dearth of historical and/or military evidence of how rampant persecution of Jews led to the defeat of Germans in World War II. Thus, research proposal may not be tenable. On the contrary, there could even be preponderance of evidence that point to causes of German rout, with persecution and cruelty done to Jews ranking high in the causes for defeat.

A Proposal essentially is intended to convince readers that the Research Plan is worthwhile and tenable, successful research can indeed be conducted, given the right inputs. resources and desired methods. Besides, it also manifests that the intended author has the desired levels of competencies, skills sets and expertise to conduct and fructify Research. The pre determined results and outcomes of research may also be projected – what this proposal aims to achieve and gain?

As with other standard Research projects, an excellently crafted Research Proposal would need to provide detailed studies on:

1. Introduction

2. Aims and Objectives of this Research

3. Problem Statement( why this research is needed):

4. Research Hypothesis:

5. Research Questions: (to be fully taken up and answered during research):

6. Review of Current Literature:

7. Research Design, Methods and Methodologies:

8. Research Analysis and Discussions:

9. Results and Outcomes:

10. Findings:

11. Recommenations:

12. Conclusion:

13. References:

14. Bibliography:

15. Appendices:

In retrospect, our Research Proposals serve to propel research studies through right, resourceful and desired channels, to convert proposals into actions, and finally into excellently crafted and presented Research studies that not only throw fresh insight on current, burning issues and challenges, but also provides much needed resources to remedy and overcome them.

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