Thesis/Dissertation - Proposal
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Our Thesis Proposal is mounted on critical structure and robust presentation which entails the following:

1. Title Page

2. Abstract

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction: Offers the background of the problem, main aims of thesis, what is known about the thesis topic, and what further needs to be known, and offer brief about how to get there. In other words, while providing the background and line of thesis study, it is also necessary and important to offer the main objectives and how to achieve them through this genre of thesis studies.

5. Thesis Statement: This would be in form of Thesis Statement/Hypothesis/Question or problem that is intended to capture essentials of the paper, scope and what problems it chiefly wishes to address and resolve.

6. Approaches and Methods: Thesis can be approach form several methods- inductive, deductive, phenomenological, normative, Case Study basis, and so on. It is necessary to chose the best approach and method and justify why this approach has been adopted over preference to others. Thesis research instruments, design, method and methodology must e clearly mentioned in this section. The proposed benefits and gains of choosing this approach and also its perceived limitations and drawbacks must also be documented.

7. Results and Discussions: Studies based on literature and methodologies give rise to result data that need to be interpreted in this segment. This segment analyzes the results and offer preliminary discussions on major areas. Continuing the illustration pictured in Ph.D Thesis Presentation of Introductory Chapter, this segment would provide data on how intense innocent Jew persecution by Germans mounted global resentment and disfavor and finally led to Allied victory over hapless German armies.

8. Findings and Outcomes: Needs to offer outcomes of the thesis studies and offer findings based on research evidence and proof.

9. Conclusions and recommendations: Needs to revisit research hypothesis, sum up major deliberations and offer recommendations in line with thesis paper.

10. References: List of resourced references.

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