Thesis/Dissertation - Methodology Chapter
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The methodology chapter in a dissertation is meant to give an insight into the methodology that was used to write the dissertation. The tools that have been employed by the student in writing the dissertation will be revealed in this chapter. This is a very important chapter as it adds credibility to the dissertation. It requires a tremendous amount of research to write a good dissertation. The student will have to employ many tools to ensure that the material that is collected is up to date and relevant to the dissertation at hand. The methodology chapter describes the methodology that was used to collect the data. It usually will consist of a statement of research. The rationale that was employed for the selection of research approach will be given. Every instrument that was used to collect the data will have to be revealed. Any studies that had to be carried out will also be mentioned. Other aspects that are included in the methodology chapter will be sampling instruments, details of the subjects and most importantly the limitations of the research. Any use of computer programs will also have to be mentioned with a note as to the relevance and necessity of the same.

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