Thesis/Dissertation - Literature Review Chapter
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A dissertation is a very important piece of academic literature. It may be written by a student but it can have a profound impact on the society when the research that has gone into it is as profound and relevant to the human society. A literature review needs to analyze and interpret the existing literature that is relevant to the subject of the dissertation. A dissertation cannot be written without acknowledging the literature that that has been written in the same branch of academia. A literature review needs to understand the relationship that the dissertation has with the literature that has already been written about the subject. A literature review can change from one subject to the other. We at Laustan know exactly what every branch of academia requires and can deliver it to the best of our capabilities.

When we write literature reviews, we will provide a context for the research. The research will be justified and also ensure that a similar research has not been done by anyone before. This is very important as it will avoid any replication of research. A literature review should also show where the present research features in the extensive body of knowledge that is available on the topic. This chapter should also point out the flaws that have occurred as a result of earlier research and try to point out the gaps that may have occurred before. A literature review should also reveal how the dissertation will help in improving the knowledge base of the area of academia. We have writers at Laustan who know how a literature review should be. They will sift through the primary data and secondary data which are relevant to the topic of the dissertation and do a stellar job of writing a literature review which will be very well appreciated by the faculty member.

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