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It would not be incorrect to assume and infer that excellent thesis presentations do not really happen on paper, but in the author's psyche and mind set, long before the ink has dried in the thesis paper. Excellent thesis begin in the author mind, most data are processed by the brain's computer, thought, argued and counter argued, and finally given its material form. However, there are indeed certain aspects that need to be given the significance that it deserves, not only in terms of their contribution to producing an excellent thesis but also in terms of making the final work, worthy and precious for academic evaluation and critique studies. Here are some of them:

Invest in a solid, defensible and coherent Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is at the core of any thesis and, to a very large extent, determines its scope, depth, and content and value addition of the deliberations. If the thesis statement itself is clumsy, incoherent and ambiguous, readers cannot expect much from the subsequent and forthcoming deliberations. It is therefore necessary and important that the thesis statement is framed with open-ended phrases, is amenable to further analysis and provides enough freedom for well evidenced and sustained arguments. One cannot expect strong presentations from enfeebled and distorted thesis statement that does little justice to itself, leave along the meat of the thesis.

Take a stand and defend it

There are indeed two sides to every coin and this axiom holds true in the domain of thesis writing too. An excellent thesis offers both sides of the arguments, supporting, reaffirming and also negating, or contradicting them. By pitching strengths and conviction of one set of arguments against the other, offering solid evidenced- based approach, it is possible to align and support, or attack weaker hypothesis. However, thesis research being fundamentally based and premised on author theories and their propagation, it is necessary and important for the thesis author to take a stand and defend it in the best academically possible method.

Thesis style, structure and content quality are important aspects

Thesis writing is indeed superior writings which consider original research and thesis authors need to follow and maintain the written and unwritten laws of the game. Excellent thesis renderings need to be clear, concise and coherent in their approach, deliberations and focus and need to provide full justice to the Thesis Statement and its dissections. Choice and arguments of literature review, adopted methodology, tools and design needed for given research, its subsequent analysis and discussions, results, outgoings and findings and final conclusion need to be seamlessly bound together in flowing texts and should only be separated by paragraphs and sub titles.

Final word

Perhaps, the final summing up and conclusion rounds up the thesis deliberations and offers its final say on the Research Statement and its treatment during the currency of the thesis. It is important that conclusive ideas stem from arguments and their rebuttals, and finally offer irrefutable, cast iron and decided conclusions. In the final analysis, what is found most in excellent thesis presentations are concrete arguments, defense and well judged conclusion?

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