Thesis/Dissertation - Conclusion Chapter
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The conclusion must be relevant to the facts and figures that have been collected as a result of the research. The conclusion is a chapter in a dissertation that has a tremendous amount of importance. No amount of research or analysis will make any sense if it does not lead to a sound conclusion. We at Laustan will ensure that your dissertation will have a conclusion that is relevant to the facts and figures that have been presented in the chapters. The conclusion need not be a long chapter. It will usually be only a short summary of the findings. It will also have a list of the implications of the research and the recommendations that can be offered as a result of the research findings. It is very difficult for a novice to gather the data and then make an informed conclusion.

A dissertation is vastly different from a research paper. It requires knowledge of the language, the subject and most importantly it requires tremendous insight into the real world application of any field of academia. A dissertation is a stepping stone of sorts for students who are about to enter the real world with their academic knowledge. It definitely requires some help to understand how to apply the knowledge to the real world. That is exactly what we do here at Laustan. We allow students to express their ideas and incorporate it into the dissertations that we write. Every suggestion that is recommended by the student is considered by our team of writers. The ideas that are relevant to the dissertation will be used in the writing process. The conclusion that is then made will be relevant to the research that has been done. Our writers will only use reliable sources for the writing of the paper. This will make the paper have quality content. The conclusion that is made will also have relevance to the society.

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