10 Commandments of Thesis Writing
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The Ten Commandments of Thesis Writing

1. Thou shall always endeavor to keep quality adherence as first and foremost need: As in any academic presentation, quality ranks as first and foremost priority, since slipshod and shoddy thesis serves little purpose for the reader or enhance reputation of writer herself:

2. Thou shall follow requirements of paper: Different thesis have different academic needs and these needs to be kept in mind while drawing up the paper. Thou shall first determine all major research areas, scope, strengths and limitations before scaffolding final paper

3. Thou shall draw up rough structure before the final presentation: The focus, planning and featuring of thesis can only be fully gained if there is draft template on which to base the final structure. This serves as the pillars on which the edifice of thesis is based and constructed

4. Thou shall not indulge in wanton copying of other's works: Academic piracy is highly discouraged since it creates unequal playing fields in the domains of any kind of writing, including thesis writings.

5. Thou shall acknowledge and duly reference others' works: As corollary to need for academic honesty, all borrowed matters must be duly referenced and credits provided. Any failure to do so could treat the work as plagiarized, inviting necessary and appropriate disciplinary actions

6. Thou shall try to stick to point and offer succinct, concise and clear arguments: A thesis paper is not a reaction paper or essay in which there are apparent freedoms for expression. It needs to honor thesis writing norms and guidelines and adhere to rules of making Thesis papers. Thou shall avoid rambling, desultory arguments which serve no purpose rather than fill space.

7. Thou shall try to be as original as possible and resist from diluting through heavy referencing: The very purpose of Thesis Papers is to offer sound and plausible arguments on topic. Dilution could not only rob the thesis of its essential originality but also invite risks of copying and unoriginal work. Thesis papers do need to pass plagiarism tests in first attempt.

8. Thou shall strive to keep arguments in line with Thesis Statement: The Thesis Statement verily defines scope, purpose and aims/objectives of research. These not only need to be honored but also fully achieved through due diligent and purposeful thesis writings

9. Thou shall pay proper and required attention to grammar mechanics, spellings, structure, content and presentation: All these are essential factors that must be fully accounted for. Even an otherwise excellent essay could gain lower grades if the rules of grammar, spellings, sentence constructions, syntax and language rules are neglected or compromised, willingly or otherwise

10. Thou shall always strive to uphold and maintain need for academic honesty and ethical considerations: Ethics govern most human actions and reactions in line with social and individual conduct. Even a brilliantly constructed paper would be deemed useless if it fails to meet academic honesty, rigor, ethical and moral standards of paper constructs. These factors are also major areas that must be honored while providing and finalizing thesis papers.

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