Thesis/Dissertation - Analysis/ Discussion Chapter
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The Analysis chapter will take into account the data that has been collected and analyze it. There is a specific reason why students opt to take the help from dissertation writing services like Laustan. We at Laustan have an extremely qualified group of writers that are committed to the purpose of writing dissertation papers with the highest level of perfection. These professional writers have been writing papers for a long time and have PhDs in their chosen field of academics. When a student orders a dissertation paper, he/she is taking help from a committed team that delivers exactly what was asked of them. A dissertation is not like any other academic paper like an essay or an assignment. It is a document of utmost importance and not all students can do it correct the first time. At Laustan we ensure that a dissertation has an analysis/discussion chapter that presents the data that has been collected in an easily comprehensible form. The data will be presented in tabular form or with the help of figures. We have software at the disposal of the writers that helps in giving a professional appearance to the figures that are included in a dissertation. The analysis chapter will present the findings as they were collected. Then there will be a discussion about the findings. The findings only make sense when they have been compared with the findings of other researchers as discussed in the literature review. The relevance of the findings to the literature and its context will be discussed in detail. The consistency of these results with the current theories will also be studied. The implications of the research to the status quo of policy and practice will also be delved into. Every study will have its limitations and that must be mentioned as well. At Laustan you will get a very high quality dissertation paper with an analysis/discussion chapter that holds utmost relevance to the topic of the dissertation.

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